Kids Fun Taster Packs – What’s the story?

Kids Fun Taster Packs

unnamedpic of curry

Our Malaysian Beef Curry with Cape Grim Beef

Kids Organic Beef & 12 Veg Sausage Rolls - now an adults favourite also!

Kids Organic Beef & 12 Veg Sausage Rolls – now an adults favourite also!

As you know I love nutritious real food (as long as it also tastes delicious). My kids are young and growing (Poppy is 4 and the twins are 5) and it’s fun being able to share good food and my love of food with them.

For a few weeks at Christmas, we were away with my husband’s family and all the cousins (9 cousins between 3 and 8 years old) and I learnt lots more about kids and food! My ideas crystallised.

  1. I think kids have palates and can appreciate good food. Food has to be good by any standard. If adults don’t think a curry is good, then kids probably won’t like it either.
  2. Delicious food is not ‘wasted’ on kids. There is a crossover between ‘kids’ food and ‘adults’ food. Our Kids Organic Beef & 12 Vegetable Sausage Rolls are now our standard sausage roll because they are really the best version of the sausage roll! My kids missed Suraj’s Nepalese Curry over the holidays. In China of course kids eat Chinese food and in India, Indian food with spice. Life can be fun and more nutritious for kids (as well as adults) with variety!
  3. Kids sometimes feel like different foods (just as we do). Some days they feel like curry and some days they feel like plain cheese on toast!

My kids now eat pretty much everything but this has taken a while! I have been bringing small tastes of lots of different dishes home from my commercial kitchen, for them to try over the past few years. This has been a happy little ongoing experiment, which I didn’t have to invest lots of time in. I made the dishes for sale, not specifically for my kids, so it wasn’t painful if they threw spoons of curry or little chunks of sticky Chinese beef ribs on the floor.

And from this experiment and the holidays over Christmas, my idea to create the *Kids Fun Taster Packs* was born! This week I gave away the packs free with orders of Kids Bolognese. I figured that if my kids grew to like a little spice and eat a Moroccan tagine, then anyone can! In our pack, we included 4 little tastes of some of our ‘adult’ food perfect for a food adventure: Malaysian Beef Curry (with Cape Grim Beef), Butter Chicken, Lamb Tagine & Texan Beef Brisket with Fingerlickn Sauce.

Does it matter if kids don’t like it straight up? Nup! Kids develop differently over time. Life isn’t a race, everyone gets there in the end (I haven’t met a 20 year old who doesn’t like Suraj’s Nepalese Curry). It is just good for kids and adults to eat a variety of nutritious food and growing to like new tastes just means a better nutritional intake. Its also pretty cool when you can go out to eat at a Chinese Restaurant with the kids and share a banquet.

When you are trying our *Kids Fun Taster Pack*, here are a few things that come to mind, that you can talk to your kids about. Being willing to try is the first step and then I’ve found that making it a fun adventure and interesting helps.

  • Tasting these bites is an adventure! What will they be? Do they know what these foods are?
  • Different cultures have developed different types of food – kids in India eat curries and kids in Italy are eating pasta but all kids can grow to like the food other kids are eating.
  • Curries are different in different countries. Malaysian curries use different ingredients to Indian Curries. Butter Chicken has been influenced by French cookery because the French finish sauces with butter and cream.
  • Things taste good when they are a little salty, sweet, sour and spicy all at the same time. This is the case for a burger as well as a curry.
  • If something is very spicy, you can eat a spoon of yoghurt or drink some milk and it helps! People grow to like spice as they get older or try spice many times.
  • What is spice? Pepper, chilli, horseradish (all are in the Texan beef fingerlickn sauce – one of the reasons it tastes so good is the complexity of the spice).
  • Our taste buds are on our tongue.
  • If you smell something as you eat it, you will get a stronger sense of the flavour. Try and eat something with your nose closed and with it open!
  • In the curries, what makes them sour? The Malaysian curry uses tamarind and tomato, and the butter chicken uses tomato. The tagine uses lemon juice. Some Italian dishes use balsamic vinegar.
  • Moroccan food can be spicy or mild (this tagine is reasonably mild). Moroccan food is about fragrance from spices. Can they smell the spices? Cinnamon? What else can you add cinnamon too?
  • What food is good for you?
  • Different people like different food – some people like avocado and some people don’t. Some people love tinned tuna and others hate it. That is ok but it’s great to try and kids tend to grow to like things!

Anything is fun when chatting about food! Enjoy it. Like learning anything, the more fun it is and the more ownership kids have, the more kids like it. If kids aren’t into it, try again another time! If they don’t like it straight up, that isn’t failure, just an experience. I tell my kids that even if they don’t like something now, they are probably going to grow to like it! When they try it later and like it, they say they must have grown!

Love to hear how you go. If you don’t have our taster pack and would like to try it with your kids, email me at

If you have any tips or ideas or feedback on how your tasting adventure went (or dishes you have tried with your kids that I could try with mine), I would love to hear them – or please post pics on facebook

Have a great weekend,


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