Back in my mid-20s when I was a crazy young lawyer working all hours my also lawyer husband and I would head out on a Friday night and would often end up drinking late with friends at our innercity terrace. One night, I brought out a perfectly cooked raspberry and pear crumble and ice cream […]

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Real tomatoes

I have loved my first year growing fruit and veg. My patch is small and experimental but has produced some interesting surprises. Homegrown tomatoes, for one, have been a complete revelation – it’s incredible how tasty they are, eaten off the vine, hot from the sun and with a sprinkling of sea salt flakes (most […]

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Life’s good at the moment. The beach is beautiful and we have been swimming most days. My boys went back to preschool this week (happiness for all) and my 2 year old daughter is also back in her usual routine. If it wasn’t for my veggie garden I might, say, complain about the muggy weather. […]

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